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Mosby’s Farmstand at the main farm is closed while we await the construction of our new store to be located at our Pumpkin Patch property next to Highway 18.  See you down the road.

We are a small family farm located in the heart of the Green River Valley, just outside Auburn, Washington. Our focus is providing locally sourced produce to the Puget Sound Region and beyond.  And like fine wines, you can taste the unique flavors of the vegetables, organic and conventional, grown in our rich Green Valley soils of the Pacific Northwest. Our desire for sustainability guides our farming practices and affects the way we use resources and care for soil, water, people and wildlife. We know the only way we can truly be a sustainable farm is to make the soil healthier through careful farming methods year after year.  Mosby Farms has been providing top quality, locally grown vegetables to the areas grocery chains and restaurants since 1977.  We believe we meet and exceed the demands of our customers while retaining the traditional values of hard work, high quality products, and lasting relationships.  Just to make sure we are doing things right, we undergo annual third party audits for food safety by an independent certifier.  Mosby Farms grows quality produce the old fashioned way using safe cultivation practices and paying careful attention to how our vegetables are picked, handled and stored. Thank you for supporting local Agriculture!

Rosella & Burr Mosby